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Our modern day infrastructure comprises of unique and fascinating structures and designs, which have been possible only due to easy availability of various materials, the futuristic approach of builders, engineers, and architects, and creativity and diligence of workmen.

From signal light to the bar counter, at all places, you can witness the vision of some passionate people, who wanted to give you a superb experience. And in their effort to do so, several processes and industries have been born, and continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

Glazing is also one example of this; considering the versatility and beauty of the glass, people started using it, in different applications. Though glazing in residential properties, i.e., glass doors and windows, pet doors, etc., is equally important, the number of commercial users has increased rapidly in the recent years.

Our glaziers carry out commercial glazing in Sunbury, Tarneit, Bacchus Marsh, Rockbank, Melton, and adjacent regions with the efficiency and utmost precision. They are adept at handling single, double as well as triple glazing in all types of settings and conditions.

From the drive-thru window of food-joints to ATM vestibules, we can complete all kinds of projects and accomplish your desired objective, in terms of look, style, performance, time, and budget. Storefront, display cases, mirrors, ceilings, and partitions, are just a few instances of the areas covered by us.

Let us give you a brief overview of the scope of our activities:

  • Storefronts – Low-rise glazing
  • Door Locks and Locksets – Glazed door locks for security of your life and assets
  • Balustrades – For staircases of different heights and uses
  • Curtain Walls – For commercial and industrial buildings

Our 24-hour emergency response system is intended to wipe out all your problems.

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Commercial Glazing
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